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13th May 2024

Hello, How Are You? – Mental Health Ireland hosting second annual campaign this week

Niamh Ryan

Mental Health Ireland will host their annual ‘Hello, How Are You?’ campaign this Wednesday, May 15th. The campaign aims to promote genuine conversation around mental health so that people can feel safer to ask for help if needed.

Source: Mental Health Ireland

According to Mental Health Ireland, the campaign aims to tackle the lack of connection or belonging that people experience by inspiring individuals to ask how others are feeling.

Events such as coffee mornings will take place nationwide this Wednesday, where people can stop by to have a chat without fear of judgment.

There will also be specific gatherings for parents and seniors.

Mental Health Ireland is encouraging people to avail of the services throughout the week and spread the word in workplaces and schools.

Jo Donohue, the national campaign lead said in a statement:

“We’re looking forward to seeing all the unique and inventive ways the nation says Hello, How Are You? and creates opportunities for social connection, from a coffee with a friend to an event in your workplace to simply picking up the phone to call a family member.”

Talking is one of the most important steps to take when it comes to mental health care. This initiative is bound to help so many people feel less alone in their struggles.