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06th Dec 2021

2010 fashion is already coming back and we are NOT okay

Katy Brennan

It’s too soon.

Currently, the Y2K revival is happening and, yeah, it’s made a lot of us feel pretty old, but we’ve accepted it.

The resurgence of velour tracksuits, juicy couture, baguette bags, and butterfly print occurred right before our eyes, all while the threat of low-cut jeans loomed on the horizon.

But now another fashion era is rearing its head and honestly, we can’t go through this again.

2010 feels like just yesterday but its fashion trends seem to already be on the way back around.

TikTokers are convinced we’ll be saying hello to peplum dresses, technicolour prints, disco pants, statement necklaces and even big belts again soon.

Peplums were everywhere in some of the biggest fashion names’ Spring/Summer 2022 collections, including Givenchy, Louis Vuitton and Moschino.

Meanwhile, the 2010’s indie/grunge aesthetic popularised by Tumblr is set to have its moment among young teens – or, another moment.

TikToker @nextwearer, claims asymmetric skirts, skater skirts, flower crowns and striped shirts will be super trendy in the coming years.

@nextwearerReply to @ciaramcilvenna Okay Part 2 of 2010s fashion trends I think the next generation of teens will latch on to! ##fashionhistory ##2010sfashion♬ Primadonna – MARINA

She added that feathered hair extensions, as seen on Ke$ha circa 2011, will come back too. Influencer Addison Rae has already been spotted wearing these clip-in feathers in a video for her 38 million followers.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots – you’ll remember the knock-offs we all sported, particularly the spiky heeled and American print ones – are also being searched on resale apps like Depop, meaning there’s a market for the shoe’s comeback.

Brands like American Apparel, Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch will probably also be very trendy, but this time they’ll be marketed as vintage – kind of like how Champion hoodies became cool again in recent years.

It’s fair to say that none of us are quite ready for the ’10s revival but it’s worth noting that when these trends do make their way back to the mainstream, some will come with a modern twist.

@oldloserinbrooklynEarly 2010s tumblr fashion: the resurgence (its coming) ##tumblrfashion ##2021trends ##2010s ##tumblrgirl ##fashiontrends2021♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling & Various Artists

As TikToker @oldlosetinbrookyln points out, the resurgence of the disco pants is already here with brands experimenting with colour and and a wider leg as a way of modernising them. As for Jeffrey Campbell Litas, she predicts they’ll take on a “more clog style”.

Anna Taylor-Joy rocked a fresh take on the peplum trend at the CFDA fashion awards in New York last month, wearing a gorgeous purple mini dress with vintage vibes.

These fashion trends coming back is both nicely nostalgic and stomach-churning at the same time but we have to admit – the idea of 2010s fashion with a modern twist sounds kind of exciting.