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23rd Oct 2021

10 items from Zara for the perfect autumn capsule wardrobe

Zara, take all our money.

Zara has become the new go-to for all of us, we can guarantee if you ask what we’re wearing, we’ll say Zara every time.

As autumn is well and truly upon us, and Zara’s collection for this season has everything you’ll need to keep you up to date with the latest trends.

At an affordable price, Zara has something for everyone, so we’ve grabbed a few of our top picks for the perfect autumn capsule wardrobe.

Knit top

Starting with this high neck ribbed knit top, it is ideal for any autumn look, pair it with jeans, suit pants, skirts, anything and this will add that bit more than your standard plain t-shirt.

Not only does it keep you a bit warmer as the weather changes, it also comes in four different colours, and at only €17.99, it’s impossible to say no.

Knit vest

Knit vests haven’t gone anywhere and are just as stylish as they were this time last year, lucky for us, Zara has an endless supply of them.

While they are so many to choose from, we think that the quirkier and more out there with these, the better. Opting for this overload of colour and print, it screams runway and the vest will speak for itself, making it easy to style with simple pieces.

Little Black Skirt

Black mini skirts seem to be popping up in every store and supermodels like Hailey Bieber have been obsessing over them this season, and Zara knows this.

With every type you can think of, a-line, leather, asymmetric, ruffled, embroidered, you’ll be guaranteed to find something to suit your body and feel incredible while wearing it.

Wide leg suit pants

A staple piece in any wardrobe, not only are these the most gorgeous colour for autumn, they can be worn into winter and spring.

To add to this, they are great for dinner dates, shopping trips, office wear, and a casual look, they work for absolutely everything and are unbelievably comfortable without breaking the bank.

Flared jeans

Flares are back, and we’re so happy they’ve made an appearance in stores again. We can’t remember how we used to wear skinny jeans at all anymore.

Comfy, elegant, casual and different, these jeans are the statement piece you need for your autumn wardrobe.


When it comes to collars, firstly, you need them in your wardrobe this season, and secondly, there are so many types to choose from.

Blazers, long coats, shirts, jumpers, Zara has them all and to make it easier for everyone, we’re going to show you one of each of these that you immediately need to add to your basket.

The coat of the season

The jumper to die for

The shirt that works for every occasion

The blazer that goes with literally everything (and in three colours)

Chelsea boots

Last but not least, we need a pair of shoes in the mix and for this season, there’s only one pair everyone is going to be obsessing over.

Chelsea boots are back and are all you need to make any outfit iconic, they’ll do all the talking and you just need to look good.