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15th Dec 2017

Two Dublin men are going to get married to avoid inheritance tax

They've been best friends for 29 years.

Jade Hayden

inheritance tax

Two Dublin men have announced that they are going to get married to avoid inheritance tax.

The pair say that they have been “best friends” for almost 30 years and that they plan to wed next month in Co. Tipperary.

Neither of the men is gay.

Speaking on RTE’s Liveline earlier today, Michael O’Sullivan said that he has been best friends with his 85-year-old neighbour, Matt, for 29 years.

Matt wanted to leave Michael, who is also his carer, his house in Stoneybatter when he died.

However, capital acquisitions tax means that Michael would have to “pay half of that to the government.”

Married people and people in civil partnerships do not have to adhere to capital acquisitions tax.

Matt said that he was happy to leave Michael his home when he died.

“He’s my best friend, we’re getting married so whatever I have in my home he can have.”

The pair had originally planned to wed later this month. However, the wedding was pushed forward to January due to bad weather.