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31st Aug 2022

Toddler tragically dies in freak hailstorm in Spain

Kat O'Connor

The toddler died in Spain yesterday.

A toddler has tragically died after a freak hailstorm in Spain.

The young child was struck by a huge hailstone during the storm.

Another 30 people were also injured during the hailstorm.

Police confirmed that a 20-month-old girl was rushed to hospital after the storm hit La Bisbal de l’Emporda yesterday.

Her name or nationality have not yet been disclosed.

She was transported to Josep Trueta Hospital in the city of Girona. However, she was pronounced dead just hours later.

A woman was also hospitalised and many were treated for broken bones, cuts, and head injuries too.

People in the Catalan town were stunned by the severity of the storm. Many said the hailstones were the same size as tennis balls.

The hailstones also damaged cars, windows and people’s homes.

Locals have posted videos of the freak storm online.

Weather reporters confirmed that the hailstones that fell were the largest in 20 years.

They said the hailstones were 4 inches in diameter.

The deadliest hailstorm was recorded in 1888 in Moradabad in India. Nearly 250 people died after hailstones the size of oranges fell from the sky.

We’re keeping the young girl’s parents in our thoughts during this heartbreaking time.