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02nd Aug 2023

Dublin Airport’s timing update for passengers as record numbers due to fly out this weekend


Looks like people are not sticking around for the rain this August Bank Holiday

An estimated 463,000 passengers are using the Bank Holiday Weekend as an excuse to get out of dodge as more rainfall is expected this weekend.

Sunday is set to see the highest number of holidaymakers travel through Dublin Airport as upwards of 119,000 passengers will be arriving and departing over the day.

Sunday is also the busiest day for departures, along with Friday, with both seeing close to 60,000 travellers leaving Ireland on this day.

Approximately 116,000 jet-setters will travel in and out of the airport on Friday and Monday, respectively.

Those travelling this weekend, as well as in the coming weeks ahead, are being advised to arrive at their terminal no later than two hours in advance of a short-haul flight and three hours prior to a long-haul flight. 

Graeme McQueen, Dublin Airport’s Media Relations Manager, says these numbers are reflective of the how people are feeling about the weather in Ireland as of late.

“With the summer rain continuing to fall around the country, we’re seeing record numbers seeking to swap the umbrellas in their hands for umbrellas in their cocktails on the beach by jumping on a flight to the likes of Spain, Portugal, France and Italy.”

We can’t say we blame them.

Graeme also reassured passengers that, despite the expected influx of people travelling this Bank Holiday Weekend, passengers can expect a smooth journey through Dublin Airport, adding that the average processing times have been less than 20 minutes this summer.

Happy travels, everyone!