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27th Mar 2018

Real-time is down and people have been furiously tweeting at Dublin Bus all day

A lot of angry Dubliners.

Granted, we managed to get public transport just fine back in the day – back before real-time existed we instead used a real-life timetable (or else just guessed).

Still, in more recent times we’ve clearly become hugely reliant (read: lazy) on an nifty transport app telling us exactly when the next bus will be coming.

So suffice to say that on Tuesday morning when it transpired that Dublin Bus’s RTI was down and out, well, there was a spot of panic.

That the issue still wasn’t fixed by the time people were heading home again on Tuesday evening resulted in nothing short of mass confusion and anger.

In response, a load of folk have been taking to Twitter all day to express their annoyance… and also to ask the company’s Twitter account if they wouldn’t mind individually sharing info on various routes and estimated arrival times.

In fairness to the Dublin Bus social media team, their fingers must be raw from all the furious tweeting back to the many hundreds of people asking for timetable info.

As to whether the service will be back on Wednesday – Dublin Bus says “our tech department are working hard to find a resolution as soon as possible”.