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20th Mar 2022

Ireland set for sunny weather spells as temperatures expected to climb next week

Met Éireann says temperatures could rise into the “mid or even high teens”.

Ireland is set to experience “warm spells of spring sunshine” with a rise in temperatures expected, according to experts.

Met Éireann’s current national outlook for next week says conditions are to be “dry and settled” overall with temperatures forecasted to climb into the “mid or even high teens”.

While today, Sunday, is set to be somewhat cloudier than yesterday, we can still expect some bright spells with the best of any sunny spells in the northeast and east.

Conditions will be mostly dry outside of a few showers that will mainly affect the southwest and west.

Again, today will be a little cooler than the past few days in general with highest temperatures of 9 to 14 degrees predicted.

However, following a few well-scattered showers in the morning, Monday is forecasted to be dry overall with “long spells of spring sunshine” across most areas.

Top temperatures of 10 to 16 or 17 degrees are expected, with conditions set to be warmest in the west of Ireland.

The east and south-east of the country will be cooler on account of moderate breezes.

Met Éireann’s further outlook for the days following Monday reads:

“Current indications showing a good deal of dry and sunny weather well into next week.

“Very mild or even warm in sunshine, with best values across the western half of the country, as temperatures climb into the mid or even high teens.”