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20th Feb 2024

Met Éireann forecasts snow and low temperatures for this month


Snow is on the way

BY Stephen Porzio

Met Éireann’s latest forecast says that snow should fall in parts of Ireland later this week, as temperatures are set to dip to below zero.

The Irish meteorological service has predicted that from Wednesday night conditions will turn colder, explaining: “Breezy and showery, some of the showers wintry, especially on higher ground.”


On Wednesday night specifically, Met Éireann’s forecast says that a band of heavy and possibly thundery rain will spread from the west.

“Turning colder once the rain clears, with clear spells and showers following, some heavy and of hail,” it adds.

“Some will turn to sleet or possibly snow, mainly over higher ground. Breezy with moderate to fresh and occasionally gusty southerly winds… Lowest temperatures of 1 to 4 degrees, with a touch of frost possible later in sheltered parts.”


Thursday then is set to be cold and bright with sunshine and showers, the latter to be most frequent across the west of the country.

According to Met Éireann, “some of the showers will fall as sleet and snow, mainly over higher ground,” with the “possibility of hail and thunder” as well.

This is because conditions should be “colder than recently with highest temperatures of 5 to 9 degrees” and breezy “with moderate to fresh and occasionally gusty” winds.

Thursday night is forecasted to be cold with further showers, especially in parts of the west and northwest, where some will be wintery over higher ground.

Further east, however, it should be “mainly dry with long clear spells”.

Lowest temperatures of -1 to +3 degrees are expected, with conditions coldest in the midlands and east, with some frost and ice.

Snow in Wicklow in 2022


Once again, Friday is set to be “cold, breezy and showery”, with Met Éireann adding: “Some of the showers heavy, of hail and some of sleet and snow, mainly over higher ground”.

According to the Irish meteorological service, these showers will be most frequent in the west and there is a chance that some will be thundery too.

There will also be bright and sunny spells too, though again, the best of these are expected to be further east.

Highest temperatures of 5 to 8 degrees are forecasted in moderate to fresh and gusty winds.

The showers should mainly become confined to coastal parts of the west and north on Friday night where “some will still be wintry over higher ground”.

Conditions are set to be mainly dry elsewhere with long clear spells, though still cold with “some frost and ice” and “temperatures falling to between -2 and +2 degrees.”

According to the Met Éireann forecast, it will be coldest in the midlands and east.


The weather should improve slightly from Saturday onwards, with “a lot of dry weather overall”.

That said, “there’ll still be a scattering of showers around, these mainly of rain, and they’ll tend to die away later”.

Highest temperatures of 7 to 9 degrees are expected.



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