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11th Sep 2017

Hurricane Irma snaps a crane in two as it rips through downtown Miami

"I heard a loud crack, and then like a boom."

Rory Cashin

Hurricane Irma continues on it’s path of destruction, having made landfall in Florida yesterday.

While over six and a half million people in Florida were told to evacuate in the face of the increasingly strong hurricane, the winds that arrived there were gauged at being in excess of 150 mph.

Apparently, the cranes are built to withstand winds up to 145 mph, and while the weather experts in the US have been tracking Irma for over a week, there was no confident way of predicting the direction it might head in.

Additionally, each crane can take five or six days each to dismantle, and local news outlets say there are twenty to twenty-five construction cranes currently erected in the downtown Miami area.

This has led to some of the cranes snapping due to the extreme conditions, and authorities are doubling down on the evacuation warning for those still in the area:

The streets of the city have now turned into rivers as the massive floods continue.

Locals have been capturing the devastation from inside buildings in the city and the footage is quite shocking.