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23rd Jul 2015

One Direction Fans Are Marking A Very Special Day Today… And The Tweets Are Amazing!

How can that be five years already?!

How can that be five years already?!

They’ve topped charts worldwide, released four albums and have millions of screaming fans wherever they go and this week, One Direction are celebrating five years together.

The band were put together on the 2010 X Factor and the lads have taken to Twitter to mark the occasion, though to be fair, we think their fans’ tweets have won the day.

Indeed the world famous fandom have #5YearsOfOneDirection trending on social media and some of the messages are absolutely priceless.

Despite Zayn Malik’s departure recently, they remain loyal to the core, and here’s just some of our favourites:

And don’t forget, here’s how it all began…

Video via YouTube/Alyssa Chavez