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30th Dec 2015

Three Foods You Should ALWAYS Keep In The Freezer For Easy Low-Fat Meal Options

Take the hassle out of cooking.

Let’s be honest – after the last month of eating and drinking in excess, and a long day in work, we don’t always feel like we have the energy to eat healthily or prepare our meals from scratch.

Yes, we know it’s important to eat a varied diet packed with vitamins and minerals, but a ready meal or scrambled eggs can seem like the only option when you’re in a rush.

Here are three foods that can be the basis of one of your three meals a day – with little effort required.

Frozen Fish

If you’re looking for a protein rich diet, but not a massive fan of red-meat, fish can be a great source of energy and healthy fats like omega 3, while being light and relatively quick and easy to cook.

The low-calorie and lean protein content of seafood can be just the recipe of success to helping you maintain a weight loss goal while staying satisfied. Don’t have fresh seafood available locally?

Opt for frozen prawns, or fish fillets, for a quick meal you can rustle up in half an hour.


Mixed Berries

There’s a reason berries can boast a great reputation when it comes to a nutritious snack and ingredient – blueberries are packed with antioxidants, raspberries contain ellagic acid, a compound with anti-cancer properties, while all berries are a great source of fibre – important in a healthy digestive system.

While buying fresh berries can be a handy snack en route to the office, bags of frozen berries are the perfect ingredient to store for a quick meal option in the freezer.


Whether it’s blending the bag with soya milk for a breakfast smoothie, or baking some berries for a guilt-free dessert – their versatility means you can keep chomping without having a calorie overload.

Other options include adding berries to your morning porridge for a burst of flavour, or topping off some pancakes with a juicy punch.

Frozen Vegetables

Don’t believe the myth that frozen food is less nutritious. Thanks to the freezing preservation of fruit and vegetables right after they’ve been picked, the frozen variety are often just if not more nutritious than fresh produce that may have been kept in storage before making the supermarket shelves. Keep a bag of frozen vegetables in the freezer for adding to stir-fries, casserole dishes or a simple meat, vegetable and potato dinner that would make your mammy proud.

Fresh Is Always Better Than Frozen Ever since scientists zoned in on the benefits of antioxidants, the mantra has been “eat more fresh fruits and veggies”, implying that frozen is second-rate. The Truth: Frozen can be just as good as fresh because the fruits and vegetables are harvested at the peak of their nutritional content, taken to a plant, and frozen on the spot, locking in nutrients. Unless it’s picked and sold on the same day, fresh produce, though still nutritious, can lose nutrients because of heat, air and water.