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07th Jul 2015

New ‘Mum Code’ Shows Husbands The Perfect Time To Approach Their Wives For Sex

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It’s a long established fact that once a couple starts a family, it gets a lot tougher to find some ‘alone time’.

Sick of women being blamed for not being up for sex after a busy day, 31-year-old Emily Wright decided to make a video called The Mum Code – a guide for husbands on the optimum time to approach their wives for a bit of uncover action.

“When the house is spotless, you have a neverending opportunity. That is sex time. But also remember if she cleaned the house it doesn’t count because she’s tired because she’s cleaned the whole house,” she explains.

“If he cleaned the house, it doesn’t count because it won’t properly be clean. It has to be a combination”.

Including everything from the duration after the kids are asleep to how many wines will be required, the video has since gone viral with almost 50,000 views on YouTube.