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23rd Aug 2023

Four Instagram accounts to follow if you’re struggling with body confidence post-baby

While absolutely no pressure should be put on anyone’s body post-baby, with all the changes that happen during pregnancy and beyond, it’s common for some of us to struggle with body confidence.

We’ve literally changed our entire bodies in the process of growing and delivering a baby, and that can of course mess with our self-perception, self-esteem and our ability to feel like ourselves.

There are plenty of accounts on social media that we’d recommend avoiding if you’re having any sort of body confidence issues, but in the spirit of remaining positive, we’ve rounded up four accounts that are just lovely to follow.

Starting with the best for sheer entertainment and a DGAF attitude, it’s Celeste Barber. She’s not specifically aiming her content at mothers, but she’s aiming her humour at the Instagram ‘perfection’ ideal that abounds, with hilarious effect.


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Next up, British influencer and mother of two, Ashley Louise James. She’s so real and honest about everything to do with motherhood, and although she’s drop dead gorgeous, you never come across her account on your scrolls and leaving feeling ‘less than’.


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Then we have Irish health and fitness influencer, Dearbhla Toal aka Belle Azzure – she’s all about making a healthy transition from pregnancy to postpartum, and she gives pregnancy and post-pregnancy safe workout suggestions without placing any pressure on other mams.


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Lastly, UK-based podcaster and influencer, Anna Whitehouse, also known as Mother Pukka. She hosts her incredible podcast of the same name where she has open and honest discussions around motherhood, and her Instagram bio is so good – it reads: For people who happen to be parents. Says it all really!


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