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09th Feb 2024

‘Am I wrong for getting upset with my husband over a gift?’

Anna Martin

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Many people would be delighted if their husband got them a gift

Everyone loves a thoughtful present, sure it’s not the only thing that matters in a relationship but it’s definitely nice to be thought of.

So how would you feel if your husband ended up buying your sister the exact same present for your sister of all people? Would that ruin the magic for you?

That’s exactly what happened to one woman and now she wants to know if she overreacted.

Taking to Reddit to get other people’s opinions, the poster wrote: “I have been with my husband for almost 15 years, and married for almost 10 years.

“Months after we started dating, my sister got divorced. Since she married young, she kind of drifted apart from her friends, so me and my now husband started hanging out a lot with her, trying to cheer her up, we even joked that she was our daughter.

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‘So, after almost 15 years, she’s not only his sister-in-law, she’s also his friend, and I’m cool with it, I love my sister and we get along great.’

Seems like a lovely dynamic, one big happy family but one incident has her feeling guilty.

The mystery woman continued, Last year my husband tried to buy me an Astronord (a CD player) for Mother’s Day (we have a daughter) but he didn’t find it in stores, so he bought me a necklace instead and told me about his failed quest. I loved the necklace, no worries.

“Three weeks ago was my sister’s birthday, we gave her an Echo Pop, bought her a mini cake on her day (my parents, my other sister and nieces couldn’t go to congratulate her in person) and took her to eat out.

“Today a package on my husband’s name arrived at home. I told him about it. When he got home, he opened the package and gave me what was inside. The Astronord! I was so happy ’cause, from time to time, I talked about buying it myself, so I was genuinely surprised and touched.”

But things went downhill when she noticed a second one in the box and ended up getting upset.

“He said it was my sister’s birthday present… I got a little upset, I said ‘Why the same gift for both of us?’ He replied that for me it wasn’t for a specific date, just a gift,” she continued.

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“I then told him ‘How would you feel if I gave you a gift, and then the same gift to another man?’ He felt bad about the situation and said that I shouldn’t feel that way about it.”

Now the Reddit user is wondering if she was wrong for the way she acted and it seems most people believed she was.

“If he was giving an intimate gift like jewellery, perfume, or lingerie I could understand your being upset. But this is a gadget that could be widely enjoyed by a variety of people,” penned one.

“You’re so wrong. Man buys you a gift and all you can think about is that someone else got the same gift. That someone else being your sister” added another.

A third wrote, “I get why you’d be upset but honestly he seemed good intentioned here, especially since your bday present was the necklace and he got you this other thing because you really wanted it. I wouldn’t think too much of it.”