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20th Oct 2023

‘Am I wrong for making my wedding child-free?’

child-free wedding

Would you have an issue with a child-free wedding?

That was the question one Reddit user wanted answered after some of her family were unhappy their kids couldn’t come to her big day.

Using the platform to vent her frustrations, the anonymous poster wrote: “Future hubs (22m) and I (21f) have both agreed from the beginning that we do not want any children in the wedding, with the exception of my siblings as they’ll be in the wedding party.

“I come from a large family, I’m the eldest of over 20 cousins just on one side of the family alone, the second eldest of 12 on the other, the majority of them all under the age of 15.”

She explained while she loves each and every one of her young cousins, from experience she has found that her aunts and uncles tend to let them do what they want.

'Am I wrong for making my wedding child-free?'
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At the last family wedding she attended with the youngsters invited, they “ran around screaming Baby Shark,” she claimed.

As a result, she decided that no one under the age of 15 would be allowed to attend her big day but she was met with backlash from some family members, branding her “selfish” for her choice.

“I’ve been told by my parents that I’m being selfish and inconsiderate of an important family event. I mentioned that we wanted this to be an adult occasion with adult language, jokes and games and they were not okay with that either,” she continued.

“They want us to allow all the cousins to come, have only family-friendly games and songs, and allow them to have their own table at the reception to sit together and serve kid options on the menu.”

'Am I wrong for making my wedding child-free?'
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She then turned to her fellow Reddit users to ask if she was wrong or if she should stand her ground on the decision.

Well, there was an almost unanimous consensus that the couple should stick to what they want for their wedding day.

“It’s your wedding. If you DEMAND everyone show up in a tutu or in KISS makeup it doesn’t matter. It’s your wedding,” asserted one.

Speaking from personal experience another person commented: “We had a child-free wedding, everyone was fine ultimately, and the people who threw a hissy fit and didn’t come weren’t missed.”

'Am I wrong for making my wedding child-free?'
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“It is your wedding, you get to choose who you want to be there. The kids aren’t having their hearts broken for not going to a wedding, and it should be your perfect night, not theirs. Your wedding is YOUR night, you control it,” penned a third.