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26th Dec 2016

A survey has revealed Ireland’s favourite biscuit to have with tea

Some controversial choices here

Ellen Tannam

Your cup of tea is only as good as the biscuit you have with it, and people have almost come to blows over what the perfect treat to dunk in your cup really is.

People have very specific preferences, and we understand this, but a recent survey done by office supplies company Viking has produced some very interesting results.

68% of respondents have two to four cups of tea every day, and 58% of us do so with milk, and 34% with milk and sugar.

22% of people drink five to seven cups a day, which seems excessive but there you go.

The survey then asked the million-dollar question – which biscuit is the perfect accompaniment to a nice cuppa?

1. Digestive with chocolate

We can get behind this one 100%. It’s reliable, but still a treat.


2. Ginger nuts

An unusual decision here we think. Not the most neutral of biscuits, but we respect the results of the poll nonetheless.

Group of Pepernoten, typical Dutch treat for Sinterklaas on december 5th, on White Background

3. Hobnobs with chocolate

A magnificent choice. Like the chocolate digestive, but somewhat heartier. Perfect.


4. Rich teas

An abomination of a biscuit. These people need to be stopped.

Three rich-tea biscuits on a white background.

5. Custard creams

A bland but respectable choice.


(lead image via Channel 4)