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23rd Nov 2018

Steak and chocolate diet proven to lose weight, and we’re here for it

Today is a good day.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy.

We’ve been waiting for this day for a long long time. Science has finally proved our theory that chocolate is good for you. And, what’s more, Dr David Ludwig has shown that a steak and chocolate diet is actually the most effective way to lose weight.


Now wait for the science bit.

Harvard University Nutritionist Dr. Ludwig has just completed a 20-year study examining how fat cells in the human body can be reprogrammed to release fat for weight loss without making us hungry.

His new book, Always Hungry? demonstrates how people can lose weight, effectively, with their current diet.

Dr. Ludwig’s book cites a 2012 study which showed that people burned 325 fewer calories a day while on a low-fat diet than on moderate and high-fat Mediterranean-style diets containing the same amount of energy.

He recommends hearty full meals that will keep hunger at bay for longer.

He writes that traditional diets inevitably make us feel hungrier.

“After a few weeks, the body fights back, making us feel hungry, tired and deprived. This erodes our motivation and willpower. We succumb to temptation and the weight races back often leaving us heavier than before.”

Dr. Ludwig’s method involves conquering your cravings, retraining fat cells and permanently losing weight.

In phase one, dieters conquer cravings by giving up starches, sugars, sweets and grains for two weeks. In phase two these are slowly reintroduced to the diet within moderation.

He tells The Mirror, “A critical aspect of the Always Hungry solution is to gain a better understanding of your body’s internal weight-regulating signals.

Unfortunately, many of us have lost track of these signals and no longer respond to our body’s needs – for healthful foods, adequate sleep, stress relief, and regular physical activity.”


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