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18th Jun 2019

WIN a digital glimpse of your dream smile and a professional teeth-whitening treatment

Louise Carroll

Brought to you by 3Dental

It’s true, we’re helping to give away a Digital Smile Design impression AND a professional teeth whitening treatment to 10 lucky winners.

There’s no denying pearly whites play a huge role in life.

Good teeth and gums are a key indicator of good health so it’s only natural that most of us admire a great set of gnashers.

However, even though we might not be 100 per cent satisfied with our teeth, many of us hold off on doing anything about it. Many don’t want to spend the time, money or have that dreaded conversation about taking better care of our teeth.

Well, we have some good news!

3Dental‘s (situated at the Red Cow House, Dublin and Little Ellen Street, Limerick) professional, affordable and comfortable consultations make all the difference. PLUS, they’re giving YOU the chance to win a Digital Smile Design preview and teeth whitening entirely for FREE!

What this means is, yes, you’ll finally see your teeth glisten but you’ll also nab a sneak preview of what your teeth would look like if you and your cosmetic dentist co-designed the perfect smile, made just for you!

Digital Smile Design provides you with the opportunity to nab a preview of what your teeth would look like if you and your cosmetic dentist co-designed the perfect smile, made just for you! Once designed, your cosmetic dentist can advise on what treatment is best for you.

Here’s an incredible example;

It’s all essential to the process of finding you the most spectacular smile that is natural to you and that in turn, will boost confidence and have you smiling around the clock — literally.

Watch here to see how simple and effective the Digital Smile Design process really is

3Dental’s team of professionals provide teeth straightening (orthodontics), a full range of cosmetic dentistry, general dentistry, dental surgery, endodontics, implants and much more — all to help us find our dream smile.

So, if you’re only too eager to do something special, entirely worthwhile and sure to make a BIG and positive difference to YOU, sign up below!

After all, smiling is proven to have a positive effect on us and those around us.

So, to be in with the chance to recognise how utterly terrific your smile could be with a Digital Smile Design and to undergo a superb teeth whitening treatment, simply fill out our form below. (If you cannot see our form or the submit button, please click here.)

T&Cs apply: Attendance at the clinic is compulsory for the pictures to be taken. The prize cannot be transferred for the cash equivalent. The prize cannot be transferred for another treatment. Entrants must be 18 years or older. Teeth whitening is not suitable for everyone, and will be reviewed on a case by case basis

Your clue…

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Brought to you by 3Dental