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19th Jul 2016

Zit-popping inspired cakes are a thing now and they look revolting

Prepare to taste bile...

Rebecca Keane

For those reading with a faint heart, you may want to look away now.

There’s no end of food fusions I enjoy hearing about – whether it be spaghetti sandwicheschicken and cheese, golden syrup and bacon… There are hundreds of strange culinary combinations I’ve heard of and as everyone has their own tastes, that’s fair enough.

However one new culinary treat has seriously stumped the foodie that I am, and that food item comes in the form of a cake, iced to look like a ZIT. Yes, an ominous, pus-filled, disgusting SPOT.

Close-up photo of woman's back, neck, arm and shoulder with skin problems consisting of spots and scaring

For anyone out there with a fetish for popping spots and wants to put their love into cake form (BLEUGH) then your time has finally come.

Many will recognise Dr. Sandra Lee as a professional pimple popper, uploading (sickening) videos to her Facebook page more than regularly, with hundreds upon thousands looking at the gruesome videos half out of curiousity and half out of pleasure.

Dr. Sandra was gifted a batch of pimple cupcakes from a baking company but it’s the video she uploaded of the treats that has truly horrified people.

The tiny cakes resemble pimples with big juicy white heads in the centre and as Sandra squeezes the top, yellow icing (resembling oily gunk) squirts out.

If you love yourself, I would strongly advise looking away now.

People took to Twitter to express their horror over the baked delights.