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23rd Nov 2015

The Dominos “Pizza Button” Has Arrived In Ireland And It’s About To Change Your Hangover Day

This is actually a little bit dangerous.

Your hangover day is about to get a whole lot easier. 

For many of us, pizza is the first port of call on a sore-head-Sunday.

It’s easy-greasy goodness for those days when literally even brushing your hair takes a monumental effort.

Now, the incredibly intelligent people at Dominos have created a bluetooth ordering system whereby you can order your go-to meal with literally the press of a button.

Dom 1

The pizza button comes delivered in a mini pizza box, and once you’ve signed up via the Dominos app on your smartphone and stored your favourite order, you are in business.

The Limited Edition Easy Order will be released to the Irish public in two phases, one at the end of November and the second in February 2016.

If you aren’t lucky enough to nab a physical button, there will be a virtual button on the website to allow for easy one click pizza-ness.

Dom 2


The easy order button is available online on the dominos website… see ya there.