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21st Feb 2019

Organic kale recalled from SuperValu and Dunnes over health and safety fears

Batches of organic kale have been recalled from SuperValu and Dunnes Stores over health and safety fears.

The 200g packs of kale were pulled from the supermarkets this week following the detection of Listeria monocytogenes.

The bacteria can cause Listeria in humans – a bug that can lead to a flu-like illness. This is particularly dangerous to pregnant women, babies, and people who are already unwell.

The FSAI shared images of the affected kale batches this week.

The affected Dunnes Stores Organic Kale 200g has a best before date of 22/02/2019 and 23/02/2019 and a lot number of 5239.

The affected SuperValu Organic Kale 200g has a best before date of 23/02/2019 and 24/02/2019.

Customers are warned not to eat the kale.

According to SafeFood, the majority of people with Listeria experience mild flu-like symptoms such as as fever, tiredness and headache.

However, in some cases where a person’s immune system is already weakened, the bacteria can cause serious illness and even death.

To avoid infection, SafeFood recommend the following:

  • Clean: Wash all fruit, vegetables and salad fully just before you eat them.
  • Cook: Cook food right through and serve it when it is still very hot.
  • Chill: Make sure that your fridge is at 5°C or below. Put chilled food in the fridge straight away and eat it as soon as possible. Throw out food that has passed the ‘use by’ or the ‘best before’ date.
  • Separate: Keep cooked food and raw food away from each other.