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10th Oct 2017

This NUTELLA bar is our latest bucket list destination and we need to go ASAP

Is this heaven?

Someone book me flights quick…. I’ve fallen in love.

As a major Nutella fan, I cannot believe this exists.

A Nutella bar, created by Eately has been serving up the most delicious Nutella inspired treats in Dubai, Sao Paulo, Milan, Chicago and New York and yesterday, Irish Snapchat star and SPIN 1038 presenter Doireann Garrihy was there with her mom.

Giving a quick tour of the bar on her Instagram, we are drooling over those Nutella tarts.

The bar which first opened in 2014, now serves up crepes, crostatina, cookies and bread all generously smothered with everyone’s favourite chocolatey spread, a treat that certainly won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

The Nutella bars have even proven to be so successful, that the one based in New York is getting it’s very own stand alone store. SWEET divine.

Here is the menu for the store location in Dubai…

Nutella waffles and Nutella infused coffee? Say no more… I am there.