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25th Jul 2019

These new deep-fried feta cheese bites from Burger King have stirred some strong emotions in us

Mostly hunger.

Anna O'Rourke

Food isn’t always what you want it be – but cheese usually comes fairly close.

It is one of the purest things you can eat in that it never tries to be anything it’s not.

Comprised mostly of fat, cheese isn’t about being good for you. It’s about taste, about texture, about the eating experience, about living in the moment, about giving in to your most base desires and nothing else.

We’re always appreciative of anyone who tries to do something new and wonderful with cheese so today we’re having a moment for Burger King.

The fast food chain has just come out with what must be one of the best things to happen to cheese this year – deep-fried feta cheese bites.

Yes, you read that right.

Like, let’s just break that down.




DEEP FRIED FETA CHEESE – in delicious, easy-to-inhale BITE form.

Like, where would you be going?

The bites are breaded and served with a dipping sauce of Heinz honey mustard; the perfect sweet but strong flavour to complement the tang of the feta.

We’ve only just learned about these and we already have a pretty specific vision for how and when we’d eat them.

We’re imagining ourselves picking up several boxes of bites at the end of a night out and settling into a corner table in a Burger King, milling into them as we watch fellow punters jostle drunkenly while queueing for their food. We’d unbutton our jeans and wash them down with some Coke and maybe a few chips but not too many; we’d want to leave as much room as possible for bites.

Sadly, we’d have to be on holidays to fulfil this particular fantasy as they’re only available in Burger King in Spain right now, according to Brand Eating.

Time to look up flights, we reckon.