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06th Nov 2019

The nation’s favourite takeaways dishes are, unsurprisingly, pizza and Chinese

Jade Hayden

Saw that one coming in fairness, yeah.

Picture the scene: you’re out.

You’re with the lads, you’ve a few drinks on you, you’re having a good time. Maybe even too much of a good time.

You decide it’s time to bop home. You order some food on the way. That food is a giant pizza, because of course it is.

Or at least, it would be if you lived in the majority of counties in Ireland who are absolutely mad about a slice or two.

The cheesy, bread-based, delicious meal was up top for the most ordered takeaway by county in Ireland, closely followed by Chinese coming in at a close second.

However, it was Chinese that scooped up the most orders in Dublin – so it’s probably safe to say that the two cuisines are pretty much on par with each other when it comes to popularity.

Both delectable lads, in fairness.

Just Eat confirmed the nation’s favourite takeaway dishes this week alongside the launch of their new interactive tool, allowing the public to see exactly what their local takeaway of choice is.

Pizza was up there, as was Chinese, but so was Turkish food, Indian, and the classic Kebab.

Here’s a few of some counties’ dishes of choice:

Carlow – Chinese
Tipperary – pizza
Sligo – Turkish
Louth – pizza
Monaghan – kebab
Donegal – Chinese
Kerry – pizza
Leitrim – Indian

Big into pizza, clearly.

You can check out the interactive tool here.