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14th Mar 2019

Nobody panic, but Lidl has just launched a gin AND Prosecco Easter egg

Rebecca O'Keeffe

We’re not worthy…

Last week, we brought you the truly wonderful news that Marks & Spencer had launched a pink Prosecco Easter egg.

And just when we thought life couldn’t get any better – enter: Lidl.

The gorgeous food brand has just launched the fanciest (and most delicious) Easter egg ever.

Say hello to the gin and Prosecco egg, known as the ginsecco Easter egg.

Drool, right?

easter eggs

The egg itself is made from milk chocolate, and looks almost like a sculpture you’d see in a museum.

It’s decorated with sparkly gold detail, and has a little ledge where little eggs are sitting.

That, my friends, is where the Ginsecco comes in…

These delicious mini eggs are filled with a Prosecco, gin and chocolate combination, in the form of a ganache.

This Easter egg hits Lidl stores on Tuesday, and we’re so freakin’ excited.

Oh, and while we’re on the topic of Easter eggs, can we please talk about another?

easter eggs

Last month we discovered the Malteasers truffle Easter egg, and we haven’t really been okay since.

Originally discovered by InstaFoodieTwins, the egg is currently available in major supermarkets.

Unsurprisingly, these delicious eggs sent fans into a frenzy.

“Holy shit! I need one of these in my life!” wrote one excited Malteasers truffle fan.

Another said: “This looks absolutely DELICIOUS.”

We’ll take the lot.