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04th Jan 2018

A Krispy Kreme shake is coming (and it includes an entire glazed doughnut)


Last year, it was confirmed that Krispy Kreme was – finally! – coming to Ireland.

Yes, it seems that Blanchardstown Shopping Centre in Dublin is the location for this island’s first outlet.

However, while we wait for Krispy Kreme to open its Irish doors… there is further news that has us brimming with glee (actually).

The chain is releasing a range of three shakes that gloriously combine doughnuts and ice-cream. Dubbed the Kreme Shakes, they are currently available as:

1) Original Glazed

Made with an entire Original Glazed doughnut and blended with fresh milk, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla syrup. It is furthermore topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream and a piece of Original Glazed doughnut.

2) Kookies ‘n’ Kreme

Created with a chocolate cookie crumble and pieces of chocolate cookies. Topped with cream.

3) Choc Honeycomb

Interspersed with a chocolate-coated honeycomb crumble and also topped with whipped cream.

Kreme Shakes launched on Thursday in Australia and cost $6.95 (€4.50) for a regular size and $7.95 (€5.20) for a large.

The US doughnut chain has more than 1,000 locations around the world – including 90 in the UK.

The Blanchardstown location will be the main one for Ireland, however, once that’s established, Krispy Kreme will open smaller stores to appear in airports and train stations.