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09th Mar 2017

This health fad is DONE and we are overjoyed

Happy Thursday to one and all.

Kale or spinach person?

Whatever group you fall into, (maybe neither because you just can’t get to grips with the green stuff), this expert tip will probably surprise you.

According to one professional, kale isn’t all it’s cracked up to be and in fact, spinach might actually be better for you.

Curly, green kale, with its rather overpowering taste, has become somewhat of a superfood phenomenon in recent times, even if it is rather grim.

It’s not the easiest to digest, has a very distinct flavour and as one Her member put it, any food that should be “massaged” pre-cooking shouldn’t even get on your plate. The NOTIONS.

Matt Fitzgerald, author of Racing Weight, a six-step plan for endurance athletes FYI so clearly he knows his stuff, is of the opinion that while kale is healthy, you need to mix it up.

In conversation with My Domaine, he explained:

“Kale is great, especially in smoothies or baked into chips, but if you always reach for this leafy green, it might be time to mix up your nutrients”.

You’re welcome.