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16th Feb 2019

Fanta Grape is happening and we have so many questions

Marc Mayo

It will only be available in the sugar-free version.

Grape Fanta is coming to a supermarket near you after the drinks creator announced plans to release it in the UK.

Up until now, the flavour has only been available in the make-your-own Freestyle machines found in venues such as cinemas. From 21 February, however, it can be found in Asda with a nationwide release slated for March.

Fanta have used science to determine what flavour they wanted to release next, and with grape the second most popular choice in the Freestyle machines after classic orange, it was a no-brainer.

Versatile, nutritious and delicious, grapes have always been a sorely underrated fruit.

On sale as 330ml, 500ml and 2L bottles and in multipacks, it will be available in sugar-free version only.

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12 grapes… It’s gonna be a good year ?

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Rosalind Brown, Marketing Manager for Flavours and Adults, said:

“Grape flavour has proved to be a firm favourite in our Freestyle machines and we’re excited to permanently add the flavour to the Fanta zero range.

“We’ve enjoyed introducing an explosion of fruity new variants to the range, which we hope our current fans and those looking to try something new will enjoy”.

Will this new flavour be coming to Ireland and if so, will it replace our beloved Orange Fanta? It’ll have to be really, really good to do that.

We’re not sure about the latest flavour but it’s getting a major reaction nevertheless…