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28th Sep 2021

You can now get a meat-free chicken fillet roll in Spar

Katy Brennan

No more missing out.

Attention all veggies and vegans! Spar has revealed their plan to launch a plant-based chicken fillet roll and it looks unreal.

The new fillet contains all-vegan ingredients and is expected to quickly become a customer favourite.

Participating stores will also be serving up all of the extras you’d expect with your roll – including vegan spreads, vegan cheese and even coleslaw. We are drooling just thinking about it.

The new offering is set to launch at university campuses from October before being rolled out to stores nationwide.

Spar said the decision to offer a meat-free chicken alternative was based on growing consumer demand. A study conducted by Bord Bia revealed that 34% of Irish people now purchase plant-based meat alternatives in their weekly shop.

John Moane, Chief Commercial Officer, BWG Foods, owners and operators of the SPAR brand in Ireland said:

“The plant-based meat-free market is on a very strong upward trajectory, primarily driven by younger generations who are increasingly more health and sustainability focused. Thankfully, innovation has now caught up with consumer demand meaning we can provide delicious and visually appealing offerings that compare very favourably in terms of texture and taste against traditional meat-based products.

“Spar is very focused on providing Ireland’s most inclusive shopping experience that caters for all tastes and preferences. We know there’ll always be a special place for the classic SPAR chicken fillet roll in the heart of Irish people, and we don’t expect this to change any time soon, however we do envisage this evolution of our offering drawing in a new cohort of customers that otherwise might not have shopped with Spar.”

Spar has said that it has exciting plans to continue expanding its range of unique meat alternative products in the future – and we can’t wait to see what else they have in store.