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16th Sep 2021

BrewDog has just launched a Parma Violets flavoured beer

Sarah McKenna Barry

BrewDog teamed up with Swizzles Sweets to create a “weird and wonderful” new drink.

The drinks chain BrewDog has just released a Parma Violets flavoured beer, and it’s safe to say that we are intrigued.

That’s right, you can now get a beer that tastes exactly like the delicious purple sweets from Swizzles.

This Hazy New England IPA is bound to pack a punch, while bringing you back to childhood memories of sport’s days, trick or treating and pick ‘n’ mix feasts. Sheer nostalgia with a generous amount of hops – what more could you want in a beer, I suppose?

Announcing the news on Instagram with a trippy video that looks like it came directly out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, BrewDog described the collaboration as “weird and wonderful”.

They wrote: “The moment you’ve been waiting for…

“Our @swizzles_sweets collarboration is here!

“We’ve only gone and brewed a beer using one of the most iconic sweets around. Parma violets.”

They continued: “This 5.5% New England IPA boasts those classic jusicy, citrus flavours, intertwined with hints of lavender. It’s weird and wonderful.

“This is pick ‘n’ mix, with added hops.”

This marks the drinks first collaboration with Swizzles Sweets, and it already has our imagination racing. Fingers crossed for a Drumstick or Love Hearts IPA somewhere down the line.

The BrewDog Parma Violets cans are available in Tesco stores, but, from 1 December, they’ll also be on the BrewDog website, where they will retail for £2.40 (€2.82) for a 440ml can, or £8 (€9.40) for a four pack.

It might sound odd, but BrewDog isn’t the first drinks brand to offer a violet twist on their alcoholic offerings. Many gin brands – including Lidl – sell violet flavoured spirits, and they make for the prettiest cocktails. In fact, violet cocktails were huge with creators on TikTok earlier this summer, so it was only a matter of time before beer companies started selling the flavour too.