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17th Jan 2019

Ben & Jerry’s is launching a new flavour for Valentine’s Day and it sounds to die for


Denise Curtin

Sweet mother.

Ice cream is an incredible invention. It’s great to share with someone special as a romantic treat for two but it’s also ideal for scooping from the tub alone, being the quintessential dessert and cure for a broken heart.

Ice cream doesn’t care about your relationship status.

And so, the fact that Ben & Jerry’s is launching a new flavour for Valentine’s Day is music to everyone’s ears.

Called “Topped Love”, the ice cream reads just as good as we presume it’ll taste. Featuring brown sugar ice cream, pink salted caramel cups, cookie swirl, pink topping, and heart-shaped chunks, I mean, what’s not to love?

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Now, it’s still not clear as to whether or not this delish treat will be available in Ireland but, it’s going to be for sale in most UK stores so, we presume it’ll arrive on Irish shores too.

And although we’ll have the spoon in the minute it lands, for those who are opting for a healthier approach to 2019, it’s good to note that there are 1,365 calories in the entire tub and so, perhaps we won’t be eating this in one go.