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07th Apr 2019

Avocado on toast jellies exist and we need to ingest them ASAP please

Jade Hayden

avocado toast jellies

Giz it.

Or not, whatever.

The humble avocado has been reigning supreme for the past few years now, with many restaurants and cafes deciding they can charge up to €18 for some of the fruit smeared into a piece of bread.

How very bold of them.

For those of us who aren’t all that bothered about spending half our wages on brunch though, there are a couple of other items currently available for purchase that will give us all the sense of an avo on toast, with none of the cost.

Or at least a significantly lower one, because Asda are selling avocado and toast jellies and shut up, they’d probably be delicious, OK?

But how does one create a toast flavoured jelly? we hear you roar. Wouldn’t that be awful and disgusting?

It probably would yeah, but these jellies don’t actually include a toast flavour so calm down. Or an avocado one.

Instead, they’re a lime flavoured avocado jelly, a cola flavoured toast jelly, and jelly eggs.

Standard enough.

Unfortunately for us, because these jellies are an Asda product we can’t actually get them in Ireland but if you were that bothered about taking your millennial performativeness to the next level, you could drive up North and get yourself a pack.

Off you go.