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07th Sep 2023

Princess dresses are in and my inner child can’t help but love it

1o-year-old me is screaming.

Princess dresses are no longer reserved for children’s parties, our wedding day, or Halloween.

Celebrities attending events such as the National Television Awards (NTAs) and the Venice Film Festival have proven that our favourite Disney princesses can provide fashion inspiration and that we don’t need a Prince Charming on our arm to wear the gowns we dreamed of in our childhood years.

It seems no colour is off limits; no dress is too poofy or extravagant, and the more jewelled, the better.

Case in point: Sydney Sweeney wore not one but two princess-inspired gowns during her appearances at the Venice Film Festival. Opting for the obvious choice of pink, she was a real-life princess brought to life in her twirl-worthy attire, and judging by her face, she felt that way.

She also stepped into a marvellous silk black floor-length gown for the Giorgio Armani ‘One Night in Venice’ event, finishing off her regal look with jewellery that would make even Clarisse Renaldi’s head spin.

Honouring the little girl within seems to be taking over red carpets as we enter autumn, sparking princess-style fashion to take some darker and seasonal colour routes.

Journalist and Mother Pukka founder Anna Whitehouse was an autumnal dream at the NTAs in a feathered red dress that had strong Blair Waldorf energy (yes, she was briefly a princess).

This Morning’s Alison Hammond carried a Maleficent vibe onto the red carpet with her over-the-shoulder cape draping over a black floral-design dress. And while Maleficent wasn’t a princess, she damn well should’ve been.

This look has to be my personal favourite. Sleek, elegant, and sexy, defining what the 2023 princess is.

Our favourite mum, Stacey Solomon, was Cinderella brought to life. However, she didn’t need a fairy godmother to achieve this level of gorgeous, it was all Stacey.

The only pumpkins this princess will be near are the DIY ones she makes for Pickle Cottage.

More pink princess style was walked down the carpet at the NTAs by Vanessa Feltz. While Sydney Sweeney opted to style her pink with silver, Vanessa chose to embellish hers with gold detail.

The 61-year-old oozed glamour, earning herself the title of queen rather than princess.

Now, whether this trend is here to stay or if it’ll fade away when the clock strikes midnight remains to be seen.

And whether you love it or hate it, it’s incredible to see women dressing for what they are: pure and utter royalty.

All I know for sure is that Mia Thermopolis, heir to the throne and Princess of Genovia, would be so proud.