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09th Aug 2018

This dad’s way of getting his daughter to stop crying is priceless

Melissa Carton

crying baby

Has he cracked the code?

This dad may have the answer to the one things all parents want to know.

How do you get a baby to stop crying?

The video posted on Scary Mommy is titled ‘a parenting tip you won’t find in a book’ and it could be just the thing that all of us parents have been looking for.

Anyone else getting flashes of that episode of Friends where Ross and Rachel are singing Baby Got Back?

Yes, this dad called on the almighty power of Biggie Smalls to help calm his baby daughter down, and it worked!

It’s not too surprising when you think that we often use lullabies to soothe babies but it seems times they are a changing and the babies want something a little more up to date than Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

While the little girl featured in the video enjoys some rap beats my own 11-month-old prefers rock music and in particular Rage Against The Machine.

Luckily at the moment, she can’t understand the lyrics but when she gets a little older I’m going to have to research the radio-friendly version of Killing In The Name Of.

As much as I know how much some of my relatives would disapprove of my daughter listening to hard rock, when you’re running on no sleep and nothing else will calm her, a mammy gotta do what a mammy gotta do. As I said she hasn’t a clue what they’re saying anyway, she’s just interested in the rhythm.

There is no parenting book that is fool-proof and when it comes to getting our kids to settle, most of us are just winging it.

If your baby needs a bit of music, whether it be rap or rock to get them to sleep, give it to them!

Life is too short to worry about what the neighbours think of you playing Hypnotize in the nursery.