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20th Nov 2016

There’s a new Gilmore Girls trailer to feast your eyes upon

Perfect Sunday watching...

Will November 25th ever just hurry up?

That’s the day that all four new movie-length instalments of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life hit Netflix.

Until then, us Gilmore addicts can binge on the existing seven seasons of the show, read the first page of the script from the first new episode, take quizzes, devour cast interviews, plan a trip to a Gilmore Girls festival, and try to divine meaning from all the clues popping up online of late.

While we patiently wait for November 25th, the day the reboot is scheduled for, we were treated to a featurette with all the main cast and a teaser with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore.


The newest trailer does contain some of the content that we’ve seen before, between ordering too much food and Rory’s lack of underwear but it does contain a good few nuggets of new information.

The trailer sees Rory and Lorelai chilling beside a pool (since when was there a pool in Stars Hollow) as Luke, a lifeguard now apparently, admonishes them.

We also see Rory with two children, talking about going on a hot date and Rory getting some extremely good news while in the presence of Jess.

No matter how many clips we’re shown, the excitement only grows more and more intensely everyday.