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17th Jul 2023

“It was supposed to be very obvious”: The father of Rory Gilmore’s baby has been revealed

Kat O'Connor

Is it Jess? Logan? Or poor Paul?

Gilmore Girls fans have been dying to find out who the father of Rory Gilmore’s baby is since A Year In The Life aired in 2016 and it looks like we may finally have an answer.

During the final episode of A Year In The Life, Rory Gilmore tells her mum Lorelai that she’s pregnant.

But she never reveals who the baby’s daddy is.

Many viewers hoped it was Jess Mariano, Rory’s second long-term boyfriend. Others thought it was her partner Paul, who she kept forgetting existed.


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And then others were certain it was Logan. Rory Gilmore’s college boyfriend who popped the question in season 7.

The pair were having an affair throughout A Year In The Life, which was painful to see, but could they rekindle their relationship?

It looks like the odds are in their favour because apparently, Logan is the baby’s father.

Gilmore Girls costume supervisor Valeria Campbell confirmed Logan is the dad in a recent TikTok.

@valeriescateyescream #stitch with @unlearn16 whose the father or rorys baby? I think I can answer that one #gilmoregirls #valeriescateyescream #behindthescenes #gilmoregirlstiktok ♬ original sound – valeriescateyescream

“The only obvious choice is—you guessed it—Logan. It was supposed to be very, very, very, very, very obvious.”

She told fans of the show to simply “do the math”.

Rory and Logan slept together on multiple occasions throughout the series, but what about her other love interests?

We didn’t see anything happen between her and Jess during the four episodes. Rory also wasn’t sleeping with Paul and slept with the Wookie in the springtime, which meant she would’ve had a baby bump by the time she told Lorelai the news.

“And we never gave her a pregnancy belly. We were never instructed to give her one. It is definitely not the Wookiee.”

Rory Gilmore

Rory and Logan slept together when he briefly returned to Stars Hollow, which lines up with her pregnancy.

Logan being the baby daddy also brings things full circle as it mirrors Lorelai’s relationship with Christopher, but at least Rory and Logan were on much better terms than Chris and Lorelai.

As someone who is firmly Team Jess, I guess Logan is the second-best option. It could be worse, Dean could’ve been the baby daddy.

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