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19th Oct 2023

Trailer released for Syndey Sweeney and Glen Powell’s new rom-com

Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell star in this enemies-to-lovers flick

Everyone is talking about Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell’s upcoming rom-com ‘Anyone But You’.

Will the pair give the rom-com genre the well-needed boost it needs? Or will this movie leave cinema-goers feeling disappointed?

The trailer for ‘Anyone But You’ was released today and rom-com fans are feeling unsure about the pair’s onscreen chemistry.

The trailer itself leaves a lot to be desired, but we’re hoping the film lives up to the hype when it’s released in December.

One said: “Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney had us hooked with their PR drama, but on screen, their chemistry was as distant as oil and water.”

“Is this supposed to be a rom-com? and is it just me or there’s just no chemistry between them?” another asked.

Many agreed that the music in the trailer just isn’t right. Rom-com soundtracks never fail but this one needs something that sounds less like the ‘Euphoria’ soundtrack.

One added: “Okay so the chemistry is there, but the music in this trailer is a NO GO.”

In ‘Anyone But You’, Sydney Sweeney and Glen Powell star as two people who despise one another, but decide to pretend to date during a trip to Sydney.

They try to trick their loved ones into thinking they’re together during a destination wedding.

‘Anyone But You’ hasn’t blown us away just yet, but we feel like the film will be worth a watch.

Glen Powell is like our modern-day Matthew McConaughey, Sydney Sweeney is an award-winning actress and Will Gluck, the man behind ‘Easy A’, is directing it so surely this film can’t be a flop, right?

You can watch the trailer below: