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10th Aug 2023

Sydney Sweeney responds to claims she had an affair with Glen Powell

Kat O'Connor

Euphoria star Sydney Sweeney has responded to claims she had an affair with her co-star Glen Powell.

The pair were accused of having an affair when they were filming the rom-com Anyone But You in Australia earlier this year, but Sydney Sweeney has shut down the claims.

In an interview with Variety, the actress said she doesn’t “really care” about the claims.

She told the publication:

“It’s hard to sit back and watch, and not be able to stand up for yourself.”

“Glen and I don’t really care. We have so much fun together, and we respect each other so much; he’s such a hard worker, and I’m a hard worker.”

The actress said she is looking forward to the press tour with Glen but isn’t going to let the rumours tarnish their friendship.

She continued, “We’re excited for the press tour, and I literally just left ADR with him.”

She said the rumours haven’t affected their friendship and they still talk every day.

The pair wrapped filming before summer, but have remained close since working together on the rom-com.

“We talk all the time like, ‘That’s really funny’,” she said.

Set It Up star Glen Powell was dating model Gigi Paris when they were filming in Australia, but the pair broke up shortly after affair rumours started to circulate.

Gigi unfollowed both Glen and Sydney on Instagram after the rumours started. However, a source said they broke up because of their long-distance relationship.

“Gigi and Glen had broken up several times. They had been on the rocks since Top Gun came out. Gigi was never happy with the long-distance filming and when she came to Australia they both decided to break up for good.”

Sydney is still engaged to businessman Jonathan Davino.