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21st Feb 2024

Everyone is saying the same thing about Lindsay Lohan’s Irish rom-com

Kat O'Connor

Lindsay Lohan stars in a new Netflix rom-com but people aren’t impressed with the trailer

Netflix has perfected the modern-day rom-com. The streaming service has enlisted Lindsay Lohan for its latest release Irish Wish but the trailer isn’t winning people over.

Like all Netflix rom-coms, the movie looks as cheesy as ever, but isn’t that what makes them so enjoyable?

We know they’re going to make us cringe. We know they’re not going to win an Oscar or blow critics away, but they’re an easy watch and sometimes that’s all you need.

However, Netflix has come under fire for basically giving away the entire movie in the trailer for Irish Wish.

One fan wrote, “Stop telling us the entire story within the trailer. Please. I feel like I saw a clip for literally every scene.”

“You just showed us the entire story in one trailer,” another said.

“It feels like we’ve seen the entire film just from watching the trailer!” another pointed out.

Fans may have been bothered by the trailer, but we cannot wait to watch the movie.

The synopsis reads: ‘When the love of her life gets engaged to her best friend, Maddie puts her feelings aside to be a bridesmaid at their wedding in Ireland. Days before the pair are set to marry, Maddie makes a spontaneous wish for true love, only to wake up as the bride-to-be. With her dream seeming to come true, Maddie soon realizes that her real soulmate is someone else entirely.’

There’s no doubt that Irish Wish will be another hit Netflix rom-com like how can you not love a film with The Corrs on the soundtrack and Lindsay Lohan leading the way?

We’re already counting down the days to the film’s release on March 15th, don’t judge us.