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03rd Oct 2018

Paul Hollywood just announced a pretty big change to Great British Bake Off

paul hollywood

This may throw some people.

The delightful Paul Hollywood has opened up about the latest season of Great British Bake Off.

Speaking on The Jonathan Ross Show, Paul admitted that he will be getting rid of the famous Hollywood Handshake.


From now on, Paul will reserve this iconic handshake for very special occasions.

“I’ve taken a bit of flack over it. The handshake came from when bakes looked very professional and they almost cross that line from being amateur to professional.”

He continued: “Every year the standard has got better and better and better and this year has been phenomenal. Some of the flavours they are bringing out. Rahul’s stuff has been incredible.”

paul hollywood

Speaking about bringing a halt to the handshake, Paul said:

“You will see it happen, the handshakes almost stop. Because what I’ve done is I’ve realised they are all moving up in standard so I’ve got to move my barrier up so that’s exactly what I do, I raise the bar and then no one gets over the top of it.”

Paul recently had to defend his handshakes on Twitter after one fan commented on how often the handshakes occur.

“What you’re forgetting which is crucial is the general standard of baking/bakers has risen year on year… this is reflected in any praise given.”