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31st Aug 2023

You can now get paid to watch the Great British Bake Off and eat cake

Bake Off fans, we’ve found the dream job for you.

The Great British Bake Off returns on September 12th and we’ve found the perfect job for fans of the show.

From Bread Week to Chocolate Week, the show covers everyone’s favourite treats. However, it always leaves social media debating which baked good is actually the best of them all.

So, to finally put the argument to bed, the experts at Big House Experience are currently hiring someone to taste and rate a variety of baked treats and report back their findings, all whilst watching the newest season of the Great British Bake Off (for research purposes, of course).

The lucky applicant will be paid €500 (€100 to purchase the goods/ingredients to make their own treats if they are feeling truly inspired by the show and €400 for completing the job) and are required to simply try each of the baked goods listed and rate them on taste, appearance and overall satisfaction.

To ensure the candidate is up-to-scratch on their baking terminology, they are also required to watch the latest season of the Great British Bake Off for research purposes.

It’s a pretty sweet deal.

The only job requirements are for the chosen person to be able to get themselves to and from a shop to purchase the required goods.

You also need to have access to a streaming device to watch the show and have a sweet tooth.

You can apply here, but the closing date is September 25th.