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08th Mar 2024

Is Helen George leaving Call the Midwife? What we know

Kat O'Connor

Call the Midwife will return on Christmas Day

Call the Midwife had a pretty stellar season this year with fans praising the show after every episode.

It was one of the most educational and eye-watering series but the ending has left fans feeling a little worried.

During the season finale, Matthew and Trixie finally make up after facing many relationship issues throughout season 13. We feared their marriage would end, but it looks like they’ve finally put their issues behind them.

Trixie agreed to fly out to Matthew in New York but does that mean she’s leaving Poplar behind?

Fans expressed their concerns on Twitter after the moving episode.

“Please bring your husband and stepson back home for the next series!” one wrote.

Another added: “Please tell me she isn’t leaving the show for good.”

“I hope Trixie and Matthew will be back for the next series!” another said.

Others were simply thrilled to see Trixie finally get a happy ending after she faced such heartache throughout the series.

Even if she does move to New York for good at least she will finally be happy.

And maybe we’ll get a Call the Midwife spin-off set in New York.