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28th Feb 2024

Fans fear this Call the Midwife character is leaving the show

Kat O'Connor

Call the Midwife won’t be the same without him

The latest episode of Call the Midwife left us in floods of tears after Matthew left Trixie for New York.

The failed businessman has been battling financial woes this season and things went from bad to worse for the couple.

In Sunday’s episode, Matthew confirmed he was moving to New York to follow a business proposal. He hoped the move would help him redeem himself but it looked like it would only damage his relationship with Trixie even more.

He had already lied to his wife about his financial struggles and kept details of his business plans from her too.

Matthew quickly jetted away from Poplar for a new life in New York with his son Jonathan, but what will happen to him and Trixie?

Fans expressed their concerns about the character’s departure on Twitter.

One said: “I’m not prepared for the end of Matthew and Trixie.”

“Matthew has been written as a different character. Where is the same Matthew that the viewers & Trixie fell in love with? Why not let them work through their drama?” another said.

One added: “I’ve been a huge fan of Call The Midwife from the off but this Matthew/ Trixie storyline is killing what remaining love I have for it.”

The BBC has not yet confirmed if Matthew, played by Olly Rix, will be leaving the show, but here’s hoping he sticks around to save his marriage to Trixie.

We just want to see the nurse get her happy ending.