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29th Feb 2024

In defence of Bridget Jones – is our London girl really that problematic?

Kat O'Connor

A fourth Bridget Jones movie is in the works, but do we need it?

The Bridget Jones films are some of the most successful rom-coms of all time, but should we leave the franchise behind?

A fourth film is reportedly in the works, which comes as no surprise given the success of Bridget Jones’s Baby, but the response to the fourth installment wasn’t as welcoming as one would expect.

Bridget Jones was one of the most-loved female protagonists of our time, but is society tired of the character? Have we had our fair share of Bridget?

The Helen Fielding novel was published in 1996 so we’re all aware of how poorly it’s aged. The language used in the book makes us cringe and some of the societal standards featured in the story are a far cry from where we are today. We’re all too aware of how much has changed since the best-seller first landed in bookshops, but does that mean we should turn our back on Bridget Jones entirely?

Bridget’s obsession with losing weight, the pressure to be a ‘perfect’ woman, and her complicated relationships are a far cry from our modern-day leading ladies. We’ve come leaps and bounds from when the movie was first released in 2001, but I can’t help but feel excited about the prospect of another movie.

Bridget taught us about everything from the power of big knickers to the importance of leaning on your friends

The franchise itself holds so much nostalgia, and so many memories, and Bridget Jones is one of the fictional characters that still holds a special place in my heart.

There are undoubtedly a lot of problematic moments in both the novel and film, but we can also look beyond those and focus on what we learned from Chaka Khan’s biggest fan.

She taught us about the importance of standing up for yourself, walking away from toxic situations, and leaning on your friends when it feels like your world is falling apart.

Bridget also warned us about applying blush in the back of a taxi, introduced us to culinary magic like blue soup, and made boyfriend pyjamas cool again.

The fourth film will follow Bridget as she comes to terms with a harrowing loss and life as a single mom. She’s no longer the hopeless and awkward journalist who didn’t know her worth. She’s stronger, more mature, and has realised that her life should be full of love.

The fourth film begins filming this year

The fourth film will reportedly be based on Helen Fielding’s novel which was published in 2013.

Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy follows the leading lady as she comes to terms with the loss of Mark Darcy, but it is not clear if this will feature in the fourth movie.

The synopsis reads: ‘Fourteen years after landing Mark Darcy, Bridget’s life has taken her places she never expected. But despite the new challenges of single parenting, online dating, wildly morphing dress sizes, and bafflingly complex remote controls, she is the same irrepressible and endearing soul we all remember—though her talent for embarrassing herself in hilarious ways has become dangerously amplified now that she has 752 Twitter followers.

‘As Bridget navigates head lice epidemics, school-picnic humiliations, and cross-generational sex, she learns that life isn’t over when you start needing reading glasses—and why one should never, ever text while drunk.’

The fourth film may receive some backlash, but personally, I can’t wait to reunite with the legendary leading lady again.