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18th Oct 2022

Wait, are we getting an all-stars edition of Come Dine With Me?

Dear Lord, what a wonderful idea, Jane.

Never mind Love Island, Married At First Sight or I’m A Celeb., only one show can take the spot for the best reality TV, and that distinction has to go to Come Dine With Me.

The long-running British series sees five ordinary chefs take turns to whip up a three-course meal for each other with the aim of winning marks for their culinary skills as well as their hosting. At the end of each evening, they rank each other out of 10, and on the final night, the scores are revealed and the crowned winner gets to take home a prize of £1,000.

It’s unmatched, truly.

The show has been on our screens since January 2005 and in that time, it has given rise to a number of viral sensations. So, you can imagine our delight to learn that one of its brightest stars – Kev Riley, the man who shoved a whisk in his mouth – has said he’s been approached by bosses to do an episode of the show alongside another famous Come Dine With Me alum.

As reported in Metro, Riley, who works as a DJ was asked to collaborate with Peter Marsh, who read the results of his week wrong, and prematurely accused his competitor Jane of having a “sad little life”.

Both moments have entered the Come Dine With Me hall of fame. Riley now has a legion of fans on Cameo, while Marsh’s tantrum has been reimagined as an indie song by Irish comedian Michael Fry.

However, we may have a bit longer to wait for a proper All Stars Come Dine With Me, as it seems Marsh isn’t quite as game as Riley is.

“I don’t think he’s up for it,” Riley said.

So while an All-Stars version of the popular show feels like a very, very distant possibility, we’re happy to nominate some of our other favourite contestants. Surely Claire from Cardiff deserves a spot? Who could forget the moment she asked her guests how they would like their steaks cooked, and then proceeded to cook them all to the exact same level, in the oven? Icon behaviour.