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06th Dec 2017

We found out Kiosk Keith’s REAL name and we’re shook

It's been a LIE.

Laura Holland


You think you know someone…

Fans of I’m A Celeb, we have some news for you. One of the stars of the show has been fooling us. Yes, that’s right, Kiosk Keith is not who he says he is.

He actual name is Raymond.


We know, Helen, we know.

Raymond is, in fact, a labourer who has been working on the show since the beginning but only began to act as Keith from 2013 onwards. He was helping to build the set when producers spotted his capability to be a part of the cast.

Another fun fact about 52-year-old Raymond is that he has four children.

His ex-partner Donna told The Sun that he thinks it’s a funny joke and it’s all part of his day job:

“He just thinks it’s funny. It’s just a joke. As far as he’s concerned he’s an average father who goes to work, does Kiosk Keith and goes home.”

What’s more, Raymond doesn’t get any extra money for his role on the show and does it for the love of the job.