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27th Nov 2023

Stacey Solomon facing backlash over extreme Christmas decorations

Kat O'Connor

Stacey Solomon unveiled her Christmas decorations this weekend

Stacey Solomon has put a lot of effort into her Christmas decorations this year, but not everyone is impressed by the mum’s festive decor.

Many people praised Stacey, who always goes the extra mile, but others said it was disheartening to see because of the ongoing cost of living crisis.

As incredible as the decorations are, many said it will make others feel upset knowing they’ll never achieve this.

One mum wrote, “I can barely afford to put food on my table right now so no Crimbo decs here aside from last year’s but looks amazing.”

“You should help mums that are struggling,” another said.

“Stacey, it’s a trifle overstated for me,” another wrote.

One added, “It’s about the feeling and spirit of Christmas not all these new decorations each year. I’m so bored of all these extravagances.”

Stacey confirmed the door decorations were handmade by her, but it took weeks to complete the decorations.

“All I know is it’s taken me weeks to achieve but I’m so proud of our Christmas door 2023 handmade by me.

“Happy Sunday Everyone… Christmas is coming,” the mum added.

Stacey Solomon has been sharing DIY videos with her followers throughout the last few weeks.

The mum said she wanted to decorate the door herself this year and spent a lot of time creating special decorations.

Some people weren’t impressed by her decorations, but Stacey said she is so proud of what she has achieved.

She told her followers that she cannot wait for Christmas this year, especially with such a full house.

Stacey Solomon will mark Christmas with her husband, Joe Swash, as well as their six children. The blended family is planning on spending the holidays at their Essex home, Pickle Cottage.