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09th Jan 2024

Stacey Solomon issues health update after being hospitalised in Jamaica

Anna Martin

stacey solomom

Stacey Solomon has given her fans a health update

The TV presenter was rushed to hospital on the last day of her family holiday to Jamaica after contracting a nasty infection.

Posting on Instagram, Stacey spoke about her ordeal admitting that she “may have cried” during the whole saga.

Sharing a photo of a bowl of chicken soup with noodles and dumplings and captioned it: “Happy Monday. My friends came over. Brought chicken soup. Put away Christmas for me. I may have cried. The end.”

stacey solomon
Credit: Stacey Solomon/Instagram

Thankfully, it seems that the mother of five is on the mend after falling ill suddenly on the day they were meant to travel home.

She explained: “We had the worst exit from Jamaica of all time. And I can’t even like get over it. Because it doesn’t feel real in my head. And today’s the first day, I felt like I’m walking around the house and feel normal.”

Stacey recalled: “But anyway, cut a long story short on the day before we were travelling home, I started to feel a little bit ‘flu-ey’ so I was like oh I’m getting that flu that everyone’s got. Annoying. That’s alright, we’re going home tomorrow, so I’ll just get through it, get over it and carry on.”

After she and her family tried in vain to get her fever under control, they decided to head to the hospital.

Continuing her story the Loose Women presenter added: “So anyway the IV and everything went in and I did start to feel instantly so much better. Still rough as hell but way better than what I was. 

Stacey Solomon
Credit: Stacey Solomon/Instagram

“We were there from the night before we were meant to leave until the morning and I was obviously like, “Please let me go home, I don’t want to stay here on my own when I’m not well, just let me get home.”

“And they got me to a point where they were happy for me to fly home. So I did the flight home. Poor Joe had all the kids for 10 hours!”

Get well soon Stacey!