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25th Nov 2023

Man who carried out ‘unprovoked’ attack on Charleen Murphy sentenced to 18 months in prison

"18 months won’t ever amount to the damage that was done & how it affected and still affects me today"

Jody Coffey

Charleen Murphy

A man has been sentenced to 18 months in prison for the ‘unprovoked’ attack of popular Irish influencer Charleen Murphy.

The ‘Hold My Drink’ podcast host shared the verdict with her 224,000 followers on Instagram, adding that she has ‘finally got some justice for the attack’ which she was subjected to in February of this year.

Charleen also published the shocking images of her injuries following the attack, as well as bravely sharing the emotional and mental repurcussions it has had on her life.

“Today I finally got some justice for the attack I was subjected to in February of this year. The night in question was supposed to be a fun catch-up with an old friend for dinner and drinks in a restaurant. However, an individual sought out my location to cause me harm,” the influencer wrote.

“I say some justice because to me, 18 months won’t ever amount to the damage that was done & how it affected and still affects me today.

The social media personality went on to explain the events of that night in February, which left her with physical and emotional scars.

“On the night in question, I was punched full force, by a man, unprovoked, from behind, so hard that my drinking glass on the table smashed into my head and smashed into a million pieces in front of me. From these photos you can see how my night started and how it ended with blood soaked hair and a 2inch gash that required stitches.

“There is a physical scar left but the emotional scar will take far longer to heal. Over the past few months it may have seemed that life still goes on but behind the scenes I have been in & out of court including taking to the stand the morning after the attack and truly struggled to deal with it all,” she confessed.

Yesterday, Charleen’s attacker was sentenced to 18 months in prison for his crimes, and despite justice being served in her case, she took a moment to highlight an issue that permeates Ireland.

“I took to the stand today to acknowledge how this attack has impacted my life but I wanted to also mention that this isn’t just about me. It effects women everywhere and particularly in Ireland and sadly adds another setting onto the list of places where we just arent safe.

“I hope no other online creator will ever go through what I have gone through but more importantly no other woman!”

The podcaster expressed her gratitude for the ‘continued love and support’ she has received following her attack and says she is now looking to the future.

“Thank you for all of your continued love and support, it is such a blessing and I look forward to moving on with my life and I hope that I can make something positive come from an awful situation.”

After emotionally sharing her experience, sadly Charleen was on the receiving end of trolling and took the opportuity to call out the consequences of victim-blaming on her story.

“Apparently I am not allowed to express how I feel and share my story and my attackers sentence because others have waited longer to have their trials, like WHAT?

“I in NO way ever tried to take attention away from anything else going on in Ireland or the world at the moment but this has been my reality for the alst 9 months and my reality from the Judges decision today,” she wrote.

“I am literally sick to death of people thinking they can say what they want behind a screen, its just so so unacceptable. The amount of victim blaming I’ve recieved that started from the day after my attack and people thinking they have the right to tell me how I should and shouldn’t be affected by it.

“It’s no wonder people and women especially don’t come forward, because its actually disgusting how we are treated by some people even when we do.”